ex libris

Kathy Judge
Charlottesville, VA

References available upon request. I am actively expanding the business and willing to travel.

The initial consultation costs nothing.

“She was invaluable to our making that deadline...”

“A great job done with discretion...”

Library Logic is a service that catalogues, classifies and arranges home or business libraries — making printed materials easily accessible. The reasons people hire Library Logic are as varied as their individual collections. Some are moving into new homes, others want to organize titles scattered throughout the house; one special client needed help archiving years of paperwork in order to write his memoir.

I'm Kathy Judge, the inveterate bibliophile behind Library Logic. I work in the reference department of a public library and enjoy the proximity and lectures of the local rare book school. I've been learning the ways of the Kindle, Nook, iPad and other reading devices. The loading process is not always intuitive and it changes with each model update. Do I click on a title or do I need to drag and drop - have I downloaded necessary software? E-readers can access library books and audio books when OverDrive Media software has been downloaded. I could go on but you get the idea. Library Logic can help you master your electronic reader. These skills and others ARE useful as I continue to expand my company.

Library Logic is dedicated to helping you make sense of your collections, whether you want to look up specific information, calculate a value for insurance purposes, or just eliminate the chaos and reclaim usable space.